Using XL Candy in Pokemon Go


Niantic has made some significant changes to XL Candy in Pokemon Go, changing the way it is used and affecting the game meta. Previously, players had to level up 40 times to be able to use XL Candy, and that was out of reach for most players. Now, players can use this powerful candy to level up their Pokemon and gain access to new powers.

Candy XL

The XL Candy in Pokemon Go was introduced last November. As the name suggests, this type of candy powers up Pokemon above level 40. The process of using it is the same as that of regular candies, the only difference is the maximum level that can be achieved. As a result, this type of candy is highly valuable, and it’s not always easy to find. In order to get these sweets, players should level up their Pokemon first.

There are several ways to get XL Candy, but the most common way to get them is to catch Pokemon. Usually, this means catching Pokemon that have been evolved. You can also catch Pokemon at stage two, which means you’re guaranteed to get two XL Candy. Alternatively, you can catch Legendary Pokemon, which will always give you three XL Candy.

The other way to get Candy XL is to get eggs. You can choose to hatch them from gyms or from stops. In addition, you can also load up on 7km eggs by opening gifts from friends. The 7km egg pool is small, but it is still full of good Pokemon. You can then trade them for a chance to get a Candy XL.

Another way to get Candy XL is to use Community Days to catch Pokemon. These days give you the chance to get rare Candy. If you find a Pokemon with a high CP, you’ll have a better chance of getting the XL Candy. Alternatively, you can make your Pokemon a Buddy, which can increase your chances of finding it.

This Candy is a must-have item in Pokemon GO. Using it can raise your Pokemon’s level beyond 40, but it’s not cheap. You’ll need to spend some time getting these in the game. However, you’ll be glad you did. If you’re serious about completing the Master League, the XL Candy will help you achieve that goal.

This candy is a lot like the normal candy, but it’s a special type of candy. It raises your Pokemon’s level above the maximum level. However, it won’t work if your Pokemon is below 40. It’s important to get the XL Candy if you’re at least level 40 in the game. The good news is that there are many ways to obtain XL Candy in Pokemon Go.

Getting XL candy from eggs

There are two ways to obtain XL Candy in Pokemon Go. The first method involves hatching eggs. You can hatch eggs in various distances – 2km, 10km, and 12km – and each one will yield one to three pieces of Candy. The next method is to select a specific Pokemon to walk with. The higher the CP of your chosen Pokemon, the more chances it has of dropping XL Candy.

You can also level Pokemon with XL candies. These candies can be used to level up standard Pokemon, shadow Pokemon, and purified Pokemon beyond level 40. This method requires you to spend a total of 29,600 Candy. But it is an extremely expensive way to level up Pokemon.

Another way to obtain XL candies is by trading Pokemon. The amount of XL candies you receive depends on the level of the trainer. However, it is possible to get multiple XL candies by mass-transferring a large number of Pokemon.

It is also possible to get more Candy XL by hatching higher-tier eggs. You can get them from friends, spinning PokeStops, and by defeating Team Go Rocket leaders. In the best cases, you can get up to 16 XL Candy by hatching eggs.

Aside from hatching eggs, you can also find XL Candy by evolving Pokemon. However, this method is not guaranteed, as the XL Candy does not appear on the screen. It will appear under your Pokemon’s XL Candy total after evolution. As a result, you must note down your Pokemon’s XL Candy before you evolve it.

The XL candy is a rare type of candy in Pokemon Go. It powers Pokemon above Level 40. The candy is a limited resource and should only be used for confident Pokemon. If you’re unsure of whether to train a particular Pokemon, it is best to save it for later. However, you should keep an eye out for new ways to get the XL candy.

One method is to feed berries to Pokemon. Those Pokemon with higher CP are more likely to drop XL candies. However, the drop rate is incredibly low. Usually, feeding 1000 berries to Pokemon in gyms will yield only one XL candy. You can also use your regular candies as XL candy.

Converting regular candy to XL candy

In Pokémon Go, players can convert regular candy to XL Candy by feeding them to their Pokemon. Normally, one XL Candy is equal to 100 pieces of standard candy. However, this method can be less effective if you have a large supply of regular candies.

XL candies can be used to level up Pokemon in Pokémon Go. They are similar to regular candies, with the exception of their maximum level. To use XL candy, you must have a Pokemon that is level 40 or above. You must also have a Trainer level of 31 or above.

XL candies can be obtained in several ways. Some are randomly obtained while playing the game, while others are obtained through hatching eggs, trading with friends, or catching Pokemon. In order to convert regular candy into XL candies, you need to collect a total of 29,600 Candy. The process can be expensive, requiring thousands of candy.

XL candies are a very valuable resource in Pokemon Go. It allows you to raise Pokemon above the soft cap and helps you reach Master League. However, these candies are expensive and hard to find. Therefore, you should make a careful decision before spending your precious Pokemon’s time on them.

In Pokemon GO, you can also acquire XL candies by feeding berries to Pokemon defending a gym. XL candies are rare, but it is possible. However, you should note down the total amount of XL candies before you evolve a Pokemon. Afterward, the XL candy you collected will be added to your Pokemon’s total XL Candy.

XL candies are the most sought-after items in Pokemon Go. They can be very difficult to find, but if you manage to find some, you can level up your Pokemon to Level 41 or higher. The XL Candy also increases CP, which is important if you want to reach the next level.

Level cap adjustment for XL candy

XL Candy is a type of candy that boosts your Pokemon’s CP past its current level cap. Trainers can obtain this type of candy by collecting regular candies, or by catching certain Pokemon. Alternatively, XL candies can be obtained by trading regular candies with friends.

Candy XL was introduced in Pokemon GO in November last year. Its use differs from that of the Exp. Candy XL, which is a type of powerup used to level Pokemon beyond the level cap. The XL candy is also restricted to certain types of Pokemon. For example, Amaura Candy is used to evolve into Amaura.

XL candy is a rare item in the game, so it is important to collect as much as you can. XL Candy can be traded between trainers, but there are no guarantees. You may be able to trade for XL candy when you have a high level. You can also use mass-transfers to receive multiple XL candies at one time.

To obtain XL Candy, you need to have a Trainer Level of at least 31. This candy will increase your Pokemon’s CP beyond the level cap and will help you get into the Master League. Previously, the level cap for Trainers was 40, but it was lowered to 31 at the start of the Season of GO in June 2022.

The XL candy will have a significant impact on the balance of the game in Pokemon Go. It will change the amount of candy a Pokemon can use to level up. Pokemon will now have a higher max CP no matter what level it is. This means that a Level 50 Mewtwo will have higher stats than a Level 40 one. Similarly, a Level 50 Pokemon will have a higher Best Buddy attack power than a Level 40 Pokemon.

Earning Candy XL has become a big roadblock for Pokemon Go players. Originally, you had to level six Pokemon to reach Level 50. With the XL candy, you can now power up three Pokemon to Level 50.

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