Thomson Reuters Ultra Tax Help

Thomson Reuters Ultra Tax Help


UltraTax CS is an integrated tax software designed to streamline the preparation and filing of tax documents for your clients. It integrates with Onvio Firm Management and Workpapers CS and eliminates the need for redundant tasks by automating data entry. Its easy-to-use interface and integrated features allow users to complete returns in less time.

Thomson Reuters UltraTax CS

If you’re looking for a robust tax software solution, Thomson Reuters Ultra Tax CS can be the perfect solution. Depending on the number of users, you can get pricing and deployment options, or contact Thomson Reuters directly for more information. Once you’ve decided on the solution that will meet your needs, you can download and install the software on your computer.

This tax software includes an extensive library of tax programs for individuals and businesses. It can handle both federal and state returns, and seamlessly integrates with other Thomson Reuters solutions. It also eliminates the need for manual data entry and allows you to work on up to four screens at once. This program also includes a cloud-based service, which means you can process all your client data in one place.

UltraTax CS is designed for tax professionals. It allows them to file federal, state, and local returns electronically. The program includes a comprehensive calculation feature and includes depreciation. In addition, UltraTax CS is designed to integrate with other CS Professional Suite software.

UltraTax CS is available for both small accounting firms and larger firms. The software offers a user-friendly interface, an organized structure, and specific breakdowns for information on taxpayers. It is also accessible from anywhere and is ideal for both individuals and companies. Thomson Reuters Ultra Tax CS is a cloud-based solution that offers flexible usage and reduces IT costs.

Another feature of UltraTax CS is its extensive help center. If you’re having trouble using the software, you can access the Help and How-to Center from within the program. You can also receive support by phone, email, and fax. Another convenient feature is the ability to customize the homepage according to your firm’s preferences. It also supports up to four monitors, allowing you to work with the program on multiple screens.

New features

If you’re using a tax program to complete your income taxes, then the new features of UltraTax CS can make your life easier. This application features new diagnostics and enhancements to its existing features. In addition, users can now access the Help and How-To Center anywhere within the application. The new version of UltraTax CS also includes a new Idea Incubator, which allows users to submit suggestions for future features and enhancements. It’s also equipped with an automatic tax return delivery service via SafeSend, a third-party company.

For the tax season, UltraTax CS can help you file state returns, including 1041-S, which are designed for corporate customers who have operations in more than one state. It can also file Form 54227, which is required for split-interest trusts. It also has a Secured E-Signature Facility, which reduces the risk of having a tax return rejected by the IRS. This facility costs a nominal fee.

Another important feature of Ultra Tax Help CS is its user-friendliness. Survey respondents rated its ease of use as the most important feature for the software. They also rated its value for money and reliability. This feature can improve the firm’s client service and increase sales of additional tax planning services.

UltraTax CS is built on a cloud-based infrastructure, which is scalable and secure. Cloud-based services are also mobile-ready. This eliminates the need to install separate software and manage files. This way, users can work on the same tax return from anywhere. They can also access tax data from any device, as long as they have a secure password.

UltraTax CS is available as a stand-alone application, but it can also be integrated with other applications in the CS Professional Suite. It can be installed on-premise, accessible through Virtual Office CS, or delivered as a SaaS solution. UltraTax CS does not have a dedicated mobile app, but subscribers can access their tax returns on their smartphones or access financial statements through email or fax.


UltraTax CS is a great tax software that provides great features at an affordable price. This software is able to quickly process complicated returns and is extremely organized. Its features are easy to use and can save you a lot of time. It offers dedicated support for tax professionals and also works well with multiple monitors. It also offers reliable support and is safe and secure.

Ultra Tax helps you maximize your profits by streamlining the payroll process. It has many benefits, including the ability to send and receive real-time data from your clients from any location, which makes it a valuable tool. The software also offers bank-industry security and automatic backups. It also features advanced anti-virus protection and firewalls.

While CCH ProSystem fx and UltraTax CS have high prices, most users are happy with the price of these programs. In addition to UltraTax CS, CCH Axcess Tax, ATX, and Drake Tax users were most satisfied with their price. While these are not the only options available, they all offer helpful features and support.


Thomson Reuters’ CS Professional Suite is an integrated suite of applications that can help you run your practice more efficiently. This suite includes the UltraTax CS software and many other useful tools. This suite helps you import and export client data. You can even import data from third-party applications. To import, you first need to specify client information and tax codes. After that, you need to complete an export task to import this information into UltraTax CS.

The UltraTax CS accounting software offers a user-friendly interface and a detailed breakdown of information for each taxpayer. It is ideal for small accounting firms, individual tax professionals, and large corporations alike. Its cloud-based functionality makes it easy to use and allows users to work remotely. Unlike many other tax and accounting software applications, this software does not require in-house IT resources.

UltraTax CS supports all federal, state, and local tax programs. It can also handle multi-state returns. It also integrates with other applications to provide a seamless experience. With this combination, you can expect your tax preparation workload to be easier and more efficient. There are a number of additional features in UltraTax CS, so you should be able to find what you need quickly.

UltraTax CS offers excellent system diagnostics as well as solid product help. You can access the Help and How-to Center from anywhere within the application. UltraTax CS supports up to four monitors and can be customized to fit your firm’s needs. In addition, the software supports up to four monitors, so you can view client details, form details, and prior year returns simultaneously. It also offers free onboarding and user communities.

Free onboarding

UltraTax CS is a profit-building payroll system that allows you to manage workflow on an individual basis or for your entire practice. Its features include advanced digital monitoring and a free onboarding process. If you have any questions, you can contact a support representative online or by phone.

The company emphasizes customer support. Its customer support agents are available through email, phone, and live chat. The software works in partnership with TaxWise for tax calculation and e-filing. It also offers proprietary features such as Launchpad, which optimizes workflow. Customers can choose from four different packages.

The software is available on the desktop and cloud. It includes Microsoft Office and Thomson Reuters applications. Pricing depends on the number of users and deployment options. To request a free trial, use the online form. There is no obligation to buy UltraTax CS. However, if you decide to purchase the software, it comes with free onboarding for your employees.

UltraTax CS is designed to make your life easier as a tax preparer. It allows you to view data on up to four monitors at the same time and eliminates the hassle of manually checking inputs and forms. It also allows you to accept clients from different states. It has a built-in apportionment grid that makes processing tax returns easier for clients in diverse states.

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