The Advantages of Using a VDI Desktop Image

The Advantages of Using a VDI Desktop Image

Using a VDI desktop image is a great way to centralize management. It also allows you to add new applications and version numbers without having to install them on end-user devices. This makes it easier to monitor and fix problems remotely. With the ability to control the desktop image, IT departments can also control what versions of applications are being used by specific users.


Virtual desktop infrastructure can provide important advantages to IT departments, such as improved security and centralized desktop management. Citrix XenDesktop is a powerful virtual desktop solution that delivers a high-quality virtual desktop experience for your users. Its Citrix HDX technologies help it seamlessly adapt to the needs of each individual user. It can be used on desktops, servers, and virtual machines, and supports all popular peripherals.

XenDesktop is a Windows Server 2019 virtual desktop solution that uses Citrix technology. If you are considering virtual desktop infrastructure, it is best to consult a virtual desktop expert before making the purchase. It can help you make the right decision for your business.

XenDesktop also includes an Agent Database Broker (ADB) server that stores data from VDI agents. To use an Agent Database Broker, your VDI agents must contact the Edgesight server, which knows which server is an agent database broker and will redirect them to this server.

Another great advantage of VDI is the ability to support remote workers. Today’s workforce is made up of mobile workers, and more remote employees need access to important applications while on the road. Sales representatives, executives, and field engineers all need the ability to work from a remote location as efficiently as they would in an office. With a virtual desktop, these employees can work from wherever they need to, without the hassles and limitations that come with being physically based.

While VDI is a great technology, it is not without its challenges. Security must be addressed and the security must be rigorous. End-users should also be able to secure data in transit using the virtual desktop. To help manage these issues, digital workspace solutions can help. They can help improve end-user security, provide SSO, and even provide encryption of data in transit.

A virtual desktop runs on a server. A VDI server requires 1 terabyte of storage, which can accommodate hundreds of VDI sessions. Moreover, a single XenApp server can support 200 VDI sessions. The XenApp server simplifies image management. With its centralized image management, it is easy to deploy patches and updates to your virtual desktops.

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