Home Refinance Companies to Lower Your Interest Rate

Home Refinance Companies to Lower Your Interest Rate

If you are considering refinancing your mortgage, you may be looking for the best home refinance companies to lower your interest rate. Well-known refinance companies such as Well-Fargo, Calibre Home Loans, and AmeriSave can help you get the best deal on your loan. You may also be considering cashing out the equity in your home to pay for a home remodel or large upcoming purchase. Or, you may simply want to reduce the amount of debt you have to pay. Regardless of your situation, a lower interest rate can save you thousands of dollars.


SoFi is one of the largest home finance companies, offering a wide variety of mortgage products. They offer personal loans, mortgages, and loan refinancing services. Their business model is designed to help borrowers find the best possible loan based on their individual needs. Currently, SoFi has issued more than $6 billion in loans. They charge no application fees, and they don’t charge for prequalification.

The SoFi website lets you pre-qualify for a loan by filling out a simple questionnaire. This questionnaire will require information such as your name, state, and email address. Once you have submitted this information, SoFi will access your credit record and perform a soft credit pull. You’ll receive an estimated interest rate in a few minutes. Keep in mind that the rate is only a guide and is not a guarantee of the actual loan rate.

SoFi offers low mortgage rates and fast turnaround times. However, it doesn’t offer any government-backed loans or down payment assistance programs. This makes it hard for borrowers with less than perfect credit to qualify for a home loan. They also don’t offer VA loans, FHA loans, or USDA loans.

While SoFi claims to charge no origination fee, the fee is still higher than many other lenders, which is why it is recommended to shop around for a better loan. SoFi members get a $500 discount on their loan processing fee and can take part in educational webinars and other activities. They also receive discounted mortgage rates and other benefits.

Overall, SoFi’s customer service is good. It has a BBB rating of A+, indicating that they respond to customer complaints effectively. However, it should be noted that SoFi has been the subject of legal action in recent years. The Federal Trade Commission accused SoFi of misrepresenting potential savings on student loans. The company settled these charges in 2018.

Well Fargo

If you’re in the market for a home refinance loan, consider the HARP refinancing program from Wells Fargo. This program streamlines the refinancing process for borrowers with mortgages that owe more than the home is worth. With HARP, you simply apply for a new mortgage and move through the underwriting process with Wells Fargo. It also doesn’t require an appraisal of your home, which can cost upwards of $400.

You can check current Wells Fargo mortgage rates on their website. You’ll find fixed, adjustable, and government-backed rates. Rates are based on your credit score, down payment, and other personal information. You can also adjust your credit score to make your mortgage rate more affordable or lower.

The Wells Fargo website is easy to use and has a modern, informative design. It includes a secure, online application process. You can even save your application for future reference. The company offers a fully digital loan application process called “yourLoanTracker.” Their unique mortgage calculator is a great tool for comparing rates and costs on different mortgages.

As the nation’s largest financial services company, Wells Fargo offers home purchase loans in all 50 states. You can apply online, by phone, or in person. They offer conventional loans, jumbo loans, government-backed loans, and loans for new construction. They also offer refinancing loans and home equity lines of credit.

If you’re looking for guidance in selecting the right home loan, Wells Fargo’s mortgage experts are available to help you. They’re also available online, and they take the guesswork out of choosing the right loan for your home. However, you shouldn’t expect to get an online preapproval for a mortgage refinancing loan through Wells Fargo.

Calibre Home Loans

Calibre Home Loans is an industry leader in home refinancing. The company offers conventional, jumbo and government-backed loans. It also provides cash-out refinancing options. Caliber’s loan officers are referred to as loan consultants, and the company partners with mortgage banks and wholesale lenders.

Caliber Home Loans offers a low interest rate, and its fees and closing costs are mid-range. However, you must consider your financial situation. For example, if you’re looking to refinance a mortgage, you may want to choose a fixed-rate mortgage. These loans offer a predictable monthly payment and are ideal for people who plan to stay in their homes for a long time.

Caliber offers multiple refinance options, including VA and FHA Streamline Refinances. The lender takes into account both credit score and equity when determining your eligibility for a loan. It also offers a range of loan amounts, including fixed-rate loans for high-risk borrowers and adjustable-rate loans for lower-risk borrowers.

Caliber Home Loans has a good reputation for helping veterans and first-time buyers. The company provides a variety of mortgage products, including jumbo loans, FHA, VA, USDA, and conventional mortgages. They also offer interest rate lock-ins for 12 months.

Caliber Home Loans is a nationwide mortgage lender. It has physical branches in most states, though not all major cities. Caliber Home Loans does not offer home equity loans, reverse mortgages, or reverse mortgages. While Caliber Home Loans has many services, it focuses on mortgages. This makes it unlike many large banks, which have many departments. Its number of employees is smaller, and its services are more specialized.

Caliber Home Loans has a good reputation in the mortgage industry and is a member of the Better Business Bureau. It’s also an Equal Housing Opportunity lender, so it must follow certain standards in lending. However, Caliber Home Loans does not advertise its mortgage rates on its website. While it has a decent rating on Zillow, it’s important to shop around for the best rates.


AmeriSave is a mortgage lender that offers rate-and-term refinances and customized loan terms. They offer adjustable and fixed rate options and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. AmeriSave’s rate guarantees last up to three days, so if you find a lower rate, they’ll match it and give you $500. However, keep in mind that this guarantee does not apply to jumbo loans or ARMs.

The company’s website features up-to-date rates, which you can compare to other companies. You can also get customized mortgage rates based on the strength of your application and credit score. The higher your credit score, the lower your mortgage rate will be. AmeriSave also has low-down-payment solutions for those with low credit scores.

AmeriSave offers a variety of mortgage loan options, including FHA, VA, and conventional loans. For first-time buyers, down payments as low as three percent are available. For conventional loans, you can choose to avoid mortgage insurance. For FHA loans, you’ll need to have a credit score of at least 580. You’ll also need to keep your current job and not make any major purchases while the loan process is underway.

AmeriSave also offers fixed-rate mortgages. However, unlike most other lenders, AmeriSave does not offer home equity loans or home equity lines of credit. However, they do offer a cash-out refinance option, which allows you to borrow against your home equity.

The company was established in 2002 and services mortgage loans in 49 states and the District of Columbia. Since then, it has financed more than 664,000 homes. It has a solid reputation among its customers and offers a variety of loan options. Its average time to closing is only 34 days.

Rocket Mortgage

Rocket Mortgage is a home refinance lender that offers a variety of loan options. They offer conventional loans, VA and FHA loans, and Jumbo loans. Applicants must have a credit score of at least 580 to qualify. They also offer 24 hour online application and pre-approval services.

The refinancing process with Rocket Mortgage is fast and convenient. This company offers competitive interest rates and customized loan terms based on a borrower’s needs. They also offer “qualified preapprovals” – which include a hard credit inquiry. If you’re looking for a better rate, you might want to compare other mortgage refinancing companies.

Rocket Mortgage operates online in all 50 states. In addition to their online platform, they have a large number of physical branches and thousands of independent mortgage brokers. Their mortgage application process is quick and verified and you can get an approval in as little as two hours. The company also advertises daily interest rates online. It’s important to note that interest rates are directly related to your credit score. For this reason, paying off high-interest debt is a good idea before looking for a new home.

The Rocket Mortgage website also includes a free mortgage calculator to help you determine how much house you can afford. They also provide a wealth of free information. Customers can apply for a home loan online or receive personalized assistance from a licensed mortgage banker via email. You can sync up your bank account with Rocket Mortgage to streamline the process.

Rocket Mortgage also offers an online application for refinancing a home. All applicants need to do is create an account and answer a few simple questions. After answering these basic questions, the software will download your financial data from most U.S. financial institutions and import your income information. Once your application is approved, you can lock your loan rate. You can also generate preapproval letters as often as you want. If you get an offer that you cannot accept, you can change your preapproval letter and apply for a different loan.

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