Get Organized With GruntWorx

Get Organized With GruntWorx

One of the benefits of using GruntWorx is that it is completely free. You do not pay anything up front, and you only pay when you’re actually using the app to complete jobs. You can also use the application’s calculator to get an estimate of how much a job will cost.

Organize Lite

The low-cost entry-level Organize Lite solution provides all of the same features as the full version, but without the need for human validation. This software can be used by tax offices for a variety of tasks and can reduce paper clutter. Its feature set includes data extraction and auto-population of tax documents.

The software can organize documents in any order. It automatically organizes client receipts and documents into work papers. Users can select which order to upload the documents and then the software does the rest. Users can use the software to organize documents and send them to their firms for filing.

Users can choose the Organize edition that best suits their needs. Organize Lite is the cheapest edition, costing only five cents per page. The more sophisticated Organize edition costs up to $20 per page and includes human data validation services. Users can also opt to use the Populate feature for 75 cents per form. The pricing for these editions is listed on the GruntWorx website. Users should keep in mind that the price varies depending on the features of the application.

Users can customize completed PDFs with notes, tick marks, and more. The program also offers the ability to input data into ProSystem fx. The entire process of populating data is very easy and involves a few mouse clicks. In the end, users will have a prepared ProSystem fx 1040 tax return and working papers. The software also integrates with several tax preparation applications, including Drake Software, UltraTax CS, and GoSystem RS.


If you’re ready to get organized, you can use GruntWorx to help you get the job done. This cloud-based software can process your documents for you, and the best part is that there is no preparation work required. The software will automatically organize documents and return them to your firm for filing. Whether you’re working on a large file or a small one, the software will handle it all. And because it uses optical character recognition, it can process any document in any order.

However, you should know that the software is not free. It does require you to pay a fee for every client submission. The Organize Lite edition is free, but the Trades and Populate add-ons cost money. The Populate feature will cost you 75 cents per form. You can find out how much it costs before using the software by visiting the GruntWorx website.

Organize by GruntWorx is available in two editions. The first one is a lite version for Drake Software customers. It uses an automated process to organize client documents, such as receipts, into working papers. The second edition performs the same function, but requires a human to verify and validate the data.

Organize by GruntWorx is a powerful software that can be used to organize documents. The software lets you fax a pile of documents and it will automatically identify, organize, and label them. It also bookmarks the issuer name, making it easy to locate any document quickly. Additionally, it allows you to hand off the scanning process to your support staff.

In addition to allowing you to re-arrange columns and rows, Organize by Grunt has an easy-to-use user interface. You can drag the handles to resize the columns and rows. Alternatively, you can hold the SHIFT and CTRL keys while dragging the handles. If you prefer to use the fixed-size method, you can drag the handles on each side.

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